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Dr. Lax

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Dr. Lax trying On His New Cascade CPX-RSo how did I get the nickname Dr. Lax?

The majority of the people in my community who know me associate me with the sport of lacrosse.  Having founded the Viera-Suntree [youth] Lacrosse Club in 2009 and recently the Space Coast Elite [high school] Lacrosse Club and usually being in the middle the majority of lacrosse events in my area, this is not surprising.

However, I do not not make my living in lacrosse, it is something I engage in for fun, for love of the game, and for the community.  I actually earn my living as a veterinarian.

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of having a gentleman named Tommy Jones join the coaching staff of the U9 boys team I was coaching.  Tommy is very clever and has a way with words, as well as tagging people with funny and unique nick names.  One day when I was running late to practice from work and showed up to practice in my scrubs, he called out to the parking lot, “Hey look, its Dr. Lax!”…and the name stuck from ever since.

I am sure I am not the only doctor of any kind to also have a passion for the game of lacrosse that may go by the name.  As such, I apologize to anyone who may share my nickname that may have come across it before I did.  But, I will state unequivocally that in the Florida Space Coast, I am the only Dr. Lax in the area.

Dr. Roger Welton was a 4 year starter for Montclair State University and was selected as a First Team All Knickerbocker Conference Midfielder in 1995, 1996. He is the founder of the Viera-Suntree Lacrosse Club and Space Coast Elite Lacrosse Club in Brevard County, Florida.